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Perfect cleavage tape

$ 34.23

Bye Bra redefines the adhesive bra through an innovative, patent-pending concept – the Perfect Cleavage breast lift tape. The Perfect Cleavage bra tape lifts the breasts from the side, towards the center of the chest, for a boosted cleavage.

The Perfect Cleavage tape consists of four breast lifting tapes; two tapes per breast. The first tape, shaped like an ‘L’, lifts the breast and turns it inwards to create cleavage; while the second tape, shaped like an inverted ‘T’, adds the final support.

The breast tape is applied in four easy steps and you can lift the breast without touching the sticky adhesive.

The Bye Bra sticky bras are made from a very thin and flexible medical-grade self-adhesive foil, produced by 3M™.

Each pack includes free silk nipple covers, to conceal nipple protrusion and protect the nipples.

Size Chart
Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 cm

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